In a Tufts University survey of voters 18-29 years of age, 4 out of 5 registered voters in the age category voted the 2012 Presidential Election, and 2 our of 5 in the midterms 2 years prior. Often young people attribute their lack of voting or registering due to a lack of encouragement from campaigns, families, and friends, or an overwhelming lack of self-confidence in their vote “mattering” in the midst of school and work. Voice of the Empowered is working to change just that.

Through SVEC Tarrant, we are aiming to exponentially register new voters annually and making sure they vote by:

  • Working with March to the Polls to enter classrooms to educate students in the civic and electoral process of government
  • Work with established student organizations and history departments to easily implement voter registration drives where students have a resource to register young voters with ease.

  • Connect students with local and federal elections through impartial election sources, easily accessible resources and ways they can directly be involved in the process

  • Motivate, cultivate, and empower students to go beyond voter registration and submit ballots during all elections